Estom Yumeka Maidu Tribe

Estom Yumeka Maidu Tribe

We are a federally-recognized Indian Tribe since 1915, based in Oroville, California. Our rich history, dedication to our community’s growth, and commitment to future generations mean our Tribal Administration and various programs are set up for success. Spanning from child care and education, to gaming and environmental protection, our team is available to support our members in any way we can.


Latest News

  • Attend Boys With Braids Event -
  • September 2022 EPA Update: Photo Demonstration on Home Water Testing - Water testing kits are easy to do. Step 1 The kit: Step 2 Open kit Step 3 Review contents Step 4 Read Instructions Step 5 Complete fields as stated in instructions Steps 6, 7, & 8 Begin Collections Step 9 Return Samples into box Step 10 Place Cold Pack that was included in box on…
  • August 2022 Update: DRI Wildfire Smoke Resilience Workshop - Take a look at the workshop photos from the presentation by Tribal Member Pierson Nguyen. He taught membership attendees’ how to build a DIY air purifier, how to protect yourself & loved ones from exposure to wildfire smoke, the dangers of wildfire smoke in your own home, and how wildfire smoke impacts your health and…
  • July 2022 Update: Learn about Particulate Matter 2.5, Purple Air & Air Quality - What is Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM2.5)? PM stands for particulate matter (also called particle pollution): the term for a mixture of solid particles and liquid droplets found in the air. Some particles, such as dust, dirt, soot, or smoke, are large or dark enough to be seen with the naked eye. Others are so small…

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