Education Programs

Many Educational Programs

The Education Department has many educational programs that are offered to all of our Tribal Members.

Higher Education

We offer financial assistance to eligible Tribal Members who are seeking higher education and who have been accepted into a Community College or University.

Assistance includes:

  • Tuition / fees: University – BA $1,000
    • Community – AA $500
  • Books / supplies are $300 per semester – Community College
  • Books / supplies are $500 per semester – University
  • Transportation costs $100 for full-time students
    • $50 for part-time students (monthly upon request, if funding is available)

Adult Vocational Assistance

Offers financial assistance to eligible Tribal Members who are accepted and attending a vocational training program, this also includes any certificate program that may be available.

Assistance includes:

  • Tuition / fees ($500)
  • Books / supplies ($300)

Adult Basic Education

Offers financial assistance to eligible Tribal Members who are seeking to obtain a GED or High School diploma. This program also includes assistance to Tribal Members who are looking to brush up on reading, writing, and math skills.

Assistance includes:

  • Fees
  • Books
  • Supplies

Employment Assistance

Offers financial assistance to eligible Tribal Members who are seeking to obtain and/or retain permanent full-time employment.

Up to $500 per calendar year (January thru December)

Assistance includes:

  • Transportation cost: this is for gas or bus passes (not to exceed $200 per assistance)
  • Supportive services: equipment/tools, uniforms/personal appearance, vehicle maintenance, etc.

Tribal Youth K-12 Educational Assistance

Offers financial assistance in the amount of $800 per calendar year (January thru December) to all Tribal Members Kindergarten through 12th grade, who want to participate in activities related to extracurricular, recreational, and educational programs.

Assistance includes:

  • Shop fees / supplies
  • Yearbooks
  • P.E. clothing
  • Summer camp
  • Music lessons from a professional teacher (no family members)
  • Music equipment rental
  • School and recreational-related:
    • sports fees
    • sports equipment and uniforms
  • Sports camps and competitions
  • Educational outings (school-related)
  • School-related club fees
  • Driving school
  • Tux/gown rental for prom
  • Transportation (to and from school when regular school bus service is not available)
  • Dance
  • Gymnastics
  • Golfing
  • Tutoring (no family members)
  • Pageant participation

The Following Shall be Subject to the Repayment Guidelines:

  • School clothes & Supplies: (up to $400)
    • papers
    • pencils
    • pens
    • calculators, etc.
    • jewelry
    • makeup
    • accessories

Graduating Seniors, Juniors, and 8th Grade Students can be Funded for the Following:
(Included in the $800 allowance)

  • Senior portraits (not to exceed $300)
  • Graduation cap, gown, and invitations
  • High school exit exams and fees
    • test fees for SAT and ACT’s – 11th & 12th graders
  • 8th-grade graduation
    • cap
    • gown
    • invitations
    • portraits (not to exceed $150)


Visit Enterprise Rancheria at 2133 Monte Vista Avenue, Oroville, CA 95966 or call 530-532-9214 today for more information.

Donna Rodriguez, Program Manager
Phone: (530) 532-9214 Ext. 105
Fax: (530) 871-6655

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