Indian Child Welfare Act

Shari Ghalayini, ICWA Director – Shari has been the ICWA Director for Enterprise Rancheria for 15 years. She manages every aspect of the Tribes ICWA cases, from day to day case management, to representing the Tribe in court as the Tribes Representative. Enterprise Rancheria exercises their Sovereign right by having Tribally Approved homes, which Shari oversees approving and Managing.

The Tribe has worked very hard to be one of the first Tribes in California to be approved and start processing their own Tribal Backgrounds with their new Live Scan machine they obtained from funding from CDSS. The Tribe also became involved with CTFC – California Tribal Families Coalition, Shari being a representative for the Central North region, along with Glenda Nelson, Tribal Chairwoman.

Enterprise has been sought out by several counties and tribes seeking assistance with ICWA matters.

Enterprise Rancheria takes a lot of pride when it comes to ICWA some of the fantastic things we have been involved with is:

2013 – panelist at UC Davis to discuss the Baby Veronica case

2017 – one of the first Tribes approved to process our own background checks and obtain live scan machine

2017 – Started working with Butte County CSD, to provide trainings to new social workers coming in – We are thrilled and honored by this opportunity

2018 – sit as a panelist for Tribally Approved homes at the 2018 State of California ICWA Conferences

2019 – work directly with California Tribal Families Coalition (CTFC) for the betterment of all Native American Children in the State of California.

ICWA Mission Statement

Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) – Prior to the passage of ICWA in 1978, Native American Children were being separated from their families, their tribes and their cultural identity through various voluntary and involuntary state court actions. The loss of Indian children to non-Indian placement was permanent. Children lost their identities, parents lost their children and tribes lost any sense of security of survival beyond the next generation.

It is the goal of Enterprise Rancheria, Estom Yumeka Maidu to keep their Tribal children with their parents and if that is not possible then a member of the Tribe. It is the goal of the Tribe to exercise their sovereign rights by preserving future generations, customs and dignity.

Services provided on a case by case basis include some of the following:

The Tribe is actively involved with all court cases involving their Tribal children, included court appearances in person or telephonically, meetings with county social workers, calls with parents, and “hands on” case management. The ICWA Director assists with family visits, mediation or facilitating meetings with parents, foster parents and social workers; assistance with school clothes for foster children and responding to all referrals on children involving CSD.
Exercising the Tribes right to approve our own Tribal homes for Tribally Approved homes, for placement. Home Studies for placement and adoption of Tribal Member children.

Shari Goodwin, Fiscal Officer & ICWA Representative