November 2021 EPA Update: Sacred & Good Fire / Cultural Burns

Indigenous Peoples have managed their lands with fire since time immemorial. But colonizers criminalized the practice, leading to a loss of culture and an increase in the risk of wildfires and poor air quality. Prevention of this traditional practice has been a HUGE contributor to the devastating wildfires we have had in recent times.

What are cultural Burns?
Cultural burns: Are small-scale burns that consider the types of plants and animals living in the area.
It does not burn the canopy. The canopy is sacred and provides shade and shelter for animals and provides seeds for future generations.

Are relatively cool and create a mosaic of burnt and unburnt country that reduce the
intensity of bush fires during dry periods.

Cultural Burning involves the application of culturally informed knowledge and
ecologically sensitive techniques in the use of fire that are appropriate for the
diverse range of landscapes and ecosystems.

Can we bring it back? Let’s learn what other tribes are doing to revive the ancient
practice and how it can benefit the land and us.

Tending the Wild Cultural Burning (video):

Using Fire to Fight Fire: California Tribes’ Cultural Burns Restore Land and Keep
Flames at Bay (ARTICLE) :

Smoke Pollution from Prescribed Burns vs. Wildfires (ARTICLE):