December 2021 EPA Update: Learn About Local Waters

Water or Momi in our language, is an undeniable part of our existence. It’s something we all have in common; we cannot live without it. What are we doing to educate ourselves on water quality, water conditions, water temperatures, water diversion, access to clean waters and so many other water topics it’s hard to keep up to date.

This month the Environmental Department is inviting you to learn about local waters. 

How’s My Waterway December 15th 1PM – 2:30pm at:

Please join EPA’s Watershed Academy for this webcast to view a live demo of the recently enhanced How’s My Waterway. This webcast will provide an overview and demonstration of the user-friendly, accessible, data-rich and map-centric HMW application. This demonstration is meant to help users:

  • Discover which local waterways are being monitored and where.
  • Explore information about the health of local waters, identify challenges and learn about what’s being done to restore or protect the waters.
  • Find out more about your drinking water.
  • Discover if waters in your community are suitable for swimming or eating fish and if they support healthy aquatic life.

If you aren’t able to make the webcast you can get started by clicking this link and exploring topics such as swimming, eating fish, aquatic life & drinking water:

To learn more this is a great film to explore! River’s End California Latest Water WarClick here if on Mobile Device